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Welcome to the Methodist Church The Gambia!

We have been at work in The Gambia for almost two hundred years.  It all began in 1821 with the arrival of John Morgan and John Baker, two Methodist ministers from England.  They were the first Christian missionaries in The Gambia in modern times.  Their fundamental purpose, as ours today, was to share the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ and to live in the power of that love.

What is striking is how much they and those who followed them were pioneers.  They were active not only in sharing the Christian faith but also in three major areas of national life where we are active today – education, agriculture, and medicine.  They started teaching boys within a few weeks of their arrival and, as early as 1823, they were teaching girls as well.  The very first school in The Gambia was a Methodist school, as were leading schools, which followed, such as the Methodist High School and Girls Methodist High School.  Like many other schools, they were unfortunately taken over by the government.  However, we still maintain schools in many parts of the country – from nursery schools to senior secondary schools, as wells as a school for those with learning difficulties.

Agriculture was also a concern from the beginning.  In 1823 the first missionaries imported 60 hoes and other agricultural implements for work on McCarthy’s Island.  This concern is expressed today in the Methodist Mission’s Agricultural Programme (MMAP).  This includes the Methodist Farm, and joint projects with many non-governmental organisations, but also a range of activities from digging wells to making jam and marmalade, from growing seedlings to running courses for farmers.

Medical care was a concern at least as early as 1842, when we read of a dispensary boat going up the river Gambia.  Our present medical work is more recent in origin – with five village clinics and a dental clinic.  Our medical board also arranges occasional lectures on various areas of personal and public health – and we are exploring the possibility of some simple practical publications to help people in matters of health.

As you explore this site, you will learn about our churches from Banjul to Banni and Janjangbureh, as well about our service of the nation in agriculture, education, and medical and dental care.  You will read about the co-operation of the three historic churches in The Gambia in The Gambia Christian Council, for some years after the first Methodist missionaries arrived, Roman Catholic and Anglican missionaries also came.

The Christian Church is a minority in a country in which the majority is Muslim.  Relations between the Christian and Muslim communities are good and the leaders of both communities work together to maintain good relations.

From time to time on this site we shall give glimpses of some of the amazing men and women (both African and European) who have served the church in this country through almost two centuries.  Wait for our great celebrations in 2021!

The Methodist Church is a world-wide community in every continent of the world.  In The Gambia we are blessed by the help and support we receive from Methodists (especially from Britain and Ireland) and from Christians and many well wishers from countries as diverse as Sweden and the Netherlands, Canada and Sierra Leone.  If you wish to join them whether in sponsoring the education of children and young people or in supplying medical drugs or classroom equipment, or in practical and personal help, please make contact with us through our email address (connexional@methodist.gm) or telephoning our national office on (00220 4228510) or calling on us at Methodist Connexional Office, 1 Macoumba Jallow (Dobson) Street or write to us at Methodist Mission, P.O. Box 288, Banjul, The Gambia.










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